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Home :: Testimonials

  • We had few questions but not major ones. One big question was if you will be able to deliver the flat on time because of its delay in start. Now looking at the progress we are happy. Not to forget the deal was definitely transparent and all the information about the project is with us.

  • - Justin Arul Stanslaus - Infosys technologies Ltd., Mysore

  • We are happy to associate with M/s Pathak Developers for our apartment. Every little query has always been answered and there is clarity in every step. Also, the deal is very much transparent.  We are happy to note that we are getting all the updates on the Project.

  • - Sunil Ramachandra Kharad Deputy general Manager(Materiala) - B.E.M.L, Mysore

  • Well PATHAK CONSTRUCTIONS are pretty good both as in location wise & cost wise too. I feel Very good and am in fact honored to be associated with Pathak's. I expect good quality of work. I met Mr. PATHAK and had a detailed conversation regarding flats at that time I was pretty convenienced with the talks & discussions had with them and booked a flat.

  • - Mrs. K.U.Somaya

  • Pathak Construction has been a very practical & a very easy construction company to approach & speak to, they are very generous to the customers. They very easily find solutions by helping the customers choose from various housing choices. Joint development is one of Pathak's help to the society. I was one day surprised to see Pathak sign boards all over the place & professionally barriered similar to the construction sites I have seen all over the world, that rang the bell on my temple & I was convinced the builder would have a vast experience & knowledge on building construction. I am very impressed with Pathak's communication skills, helping the buyer in arranging documents for the purpose of loan in time, Very flexible on payment terms & conditions even though the world is going through a recession down turn. Organizing get together functions & the whole family being a part of it, treating all customers equally irrespective of the financial status. Well we expect you to continue your simplicity, maintain quality, follow MUDA regulations, implement waste disposal as per regulation's, utilize waste minimization techniques, employee one safety officer to each site or a group of site who check's & reports work related safety issues, construction employees to soon have uniform's & safety personnel protective equipment like safety glasses while chipping & hard hat where necessary.

  • - Mr. Allen.J.Pais

  • First of all thanks for asking my view on newsletter PRATHAM NEWS. PRATHAM NEWS has always helped to let me know the timely updates about the latest happening in reality market as well as status of various projects at PATHAK CONSTRUCTIONS. Apart from knowing about my project work progress, it also enlightens me about the various works being currently undertaken at PATHAK. This has allowed me to share the current projects undertaken at PATHAK CONSTRUCTIONS with my friends and colleagues. A picture is worth a thousand words and current project work status shown in news letter in picture format is what I admire the most.

    I would like to make a following suggestion for giving a better idea to customer on project status. You can have a tabular format for work planned against Actual work completion given against time (month wise). This will help customers know if there is any slippage in work progress and will provide greater visibility.

  • - Mr.Ajay Jadhav, Infosys Technologies Pvt Ltd, Mysore

  • I view Pratham News as a medium of transparency in dealing with clients. I am happy about their services and am proud to be associated with them. I know Pathaks since more than two decades. A business venture from a family with a philanthropic background are sure to serve men like us for long. I wish Pratham news and the Pathaks a long endured success.

  • - Mrs. Sujatha Srinivasan

  • I am very happy to see the quick progress on the site. The Service offered is really good. The customization of individual flats is taken extreme care in all the ways. Directors are very flexible to us, regarding the updation of the plans, changes etc., we are always updated regarding the progress of the site. There are no hidden costs which is actually good for a customer. Their challenge was to start in the month of October and complete in the month of March I feel that we will occupy our houses much before that with such great pace of work. Wish you good luck.

  • - Mrs.Sajini Joseph, Coorg

  • My experience with M/s Pathak`s has been good as of date. Good follow-up and immediate response from the staff and the pace at which the work is progressing is satisfactory. However, still not experienced the quality of work done, as the project is under progress. I am confident, it will also be good. Good luck.

  • - Mr. Shiva Ramakrishna, General Manager, Deccan Herald

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